First Presbyterian Church has formed a team to monitor the COVID-19 situation in Johnson County in an effort to identify how the FPC family can best provide assistance to our neighbors who have been hit hard by the pandemic. We are in conversation with the Consultation of Religious Communities (CRC) about the needs in the community and how faith organizations in the area can coordinate efforts. As we all know, the situation is fluid right now as government, businesses, and larger service organizations put their supports in place. We will continue to work with the CRC to identify service gaps the FPC family can best help fill. The team will communicate with the congregation when a plan has been put in place and share more information about how our church family can help.

Many of you are already serving those in need through work, service organizations, or on your own. Thank you so much for your efforts and keep up the good work! If you are looking for ways to help, the United Way has posted a list of volunteer needs on their website:

This list will continue to change as needs are met and additional needs are identified. Please note these volunteer opportunities include strict requirements to help ensure the health and safety of all involved.
If you are aware of any service needs in the community, please share those with Jeremy Fletcher by email. He will route those needs to the appropriate people and organizations. Also, please do not hesitate to contact Jeremy if you need assistance yourself. He will get that need to the people who can best help you.