What a blessing it is to rejoice with those who rejoice! Yet if we do not also weep with those who weep, we miss out on an abundance of blessings God provides to us during these times. When our tears flow or we lovingly hug someone, these are physical reactions to spiritual experiences. Our thoughts and feelings guide our bodies to express sympathy, joy, compassion and love for those in our midst.

As members of the one body of Christ, we hope to show the kind of empathy Christ modeled. One of the programs under the Deacons, who help meet the needs of people both in the congregation and in the community, is the Care Buddy program. The purpose of the Care Buddy program is to provide friendship, prayer, and the human touch to those who are struggling with illness, loneliness, loss, and grief. Care Buddies also support pastoral staff in coordinating short-term care services to members who are ill or unable to take care of some of their needs or in making visits to those who are homebound.

To find out more, please contact the Deacons Moderator, Rhonda Barr by email or phone at 319-936-5998.