The FPC Honoring Your Wishes Program is part of a community-wide program through Iowa City Hospice. This is a program to offer assistance in making health care decisions about the kind of health care one would choose if facing a sudden catastrophic illness or injury, one that would require loved ones to make important but difficult decisions on your behalf. It is about defining what is most important to you, talking with your loved ones, documenting and honoring those wishes. We are considering this a gift to you, and from you to those you love.

Our three trained and certified members (through First Conversations Facilitators) are ready to offer to all adults (age 18 yrs. and older), without cost:

  1. A first conversation to talk about what is important to you, and explain the process of making important decisions about end of life planning.
  2. Assist in documenting your advance care plan for end of life decisions.
  3. Assist in counseling your chosen loved one as your Health Care Agent (DPOA for health care).
  4. Notarizing your plan so it is a legal document, and make copies.
  5. Store a copy of your plan in a safe and secure location at FPC.

If you have an advanced directive already, that is great. BUT we would still like to have a conversation with you — to make sure your wishes are clearly identified and in writing, as well as communicated with those who love you. We would encourage you to contact one of us to schedule a one-hour conversation with us.

FPC Honoring Your Wishes Facilitators:

  • Rhonda Barr, Cell: 319-936-5998, email
  • Sue Van Duyn-Phipps, Cell: 515-205-3576, email
  • Maeleen Thorius, Cell: 319-541-3161