Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry

Presbyterian women are people with a purpose!

Women are a lively and essential part of life at First Presbyterian Church. Consistent with scripture in both testaments, the Presbyterian Church (USA) believes God raises up faithful women to serve both in the world and in Jesus Christ’s church.

I am thrilled to be a member of this vibrant organization. There are so many levels on which I can actively contribute and use my gifts. My understanding of God’s promise increases steadily and the opportunity to nurture life-long friendships is a blessing. Jan Erickson

What is “First’s Women?”

You don’t have to officially join anything to use your gifts for the benefit of our church, community, and world. You can, however, decide to become one of the 300,000 members of “First’s Women,” the National Women’s Organization of the Presbyterian Church (USA), or join one of the Circles (i.e. small groups), or serve as a leader of a multitude of callings, or the Coordinating Team.

Presbyterian women is an all–encompassing network. It consists of every woman in the church who believes actions can make a difference; who is an enthusiastic worker for positive change by adopting achievable strategies that reinforce Christian Faith; who have a deep desire to improve her life and the lives of others. PW at First Presbyterian Church fundraising initiatives such as the Cookie Walk and Bazaar and the spring book sale support various local service organizations including Domestic Violence Intervention Program, Four Oaks, Free Lunch Program, and Rural Employment Alternatives, Inc.

You are cordially invited to participate in enhancing the life of our congregation in any way you see fit or have time for or gifts to share.

To find out more about possibilities for you contact: Carol Kirsch by phone at 319-335-2559 or by email.

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We welcome you and treasure your prayers.