Skubala: The Call To Annoy

Skubala: The Call To Annoy

Annoy: to weary, vex, anger 

Annoyance 1 Drip, drip goes the faucet . . . I walk over to it, lift the handle, twist it slightly, slam it down . . . the water stops . .

Annoyance 2  The dog whines while I peck away at the sermon on my computer:  Food. Check. Water. Check. Been outside. Check . . . one thing left. I put my computer down mid-thought and move from my chair to the couch. I place a dog bone on my head and announce in a high pitched voice: “Look, I have a bone on my head. Look, I have a bone on my head. Look . . .” With a bark and a leap, the dog is all over me. We wrestle for the bone until both of us roll off the couch on to the floor. The dog grips the bone in her mouth, looking triumphant. She plops down next to me and chews on it: All is right with the world.

Annoyance 3  “The recycling needs to go out.” The boy has his earphones on. The siren’s call falls again on unbound victims. “The recycling . . .” “Son, your mom says the recycling needs to go out.” He glares at me, shakes his head, and returns to whatever is occupying him. “Boys, the recycling . . .  ” the voice grows more persistent, strident. No rest for the wicked: I follow the seductive cry to the rocks . . . A blessed stillness now reigns across the household, with nothing stirring but the ice maker.

Last, but not least . . . now I must respond to my public . . . ah, the burdens of notoriety.  After a one year hiatus, followed by kindly urging from my staff  and the assertion by our web mistress that an unkempt blog is worse than none at all. . . I have returned to Skubala. I do so for the sole purpose of taking my pent-up annoyance and passing it on to you. Yep: “to weary, vex and anger you.” As for topics that need taking up . . .something will come to mind over the next four years. Watch this space: I will annoy you in the near future.


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